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About us

At botnika we believe the best is staying close to nature. Our products are created with care, all the raw materials are totally traceable either wild-collected by hands or cultivated by our partner farmers. Gently extracted by our propriety green extraction process to apply minimal heat and transformed to liposomes to maximize stability and penetration in the skin.

Safe Gentle and effective. sourced by nature, collected by hand, and extracted with care.


At Botnika we deliver high-quality skincare products. Quality safety and efficacy are basic & core values reflecting in all of our products.


Product development and manufacturing process at Botnika. It starts with raw material resourcing and screening for quality ensuring total traceability. Screening of raw herbs and botanicals for activity and efficacy. By employing processes and techniques for Activity guided extraction ensuring efficacy in our extracts.


Product and Process are Standardized ensuring quality and consistency. Stabilization of active extracts by employing various techniques specially Liposomes ensures stability and delivery. 


Products are manufactured through state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and employing Nanoemulsion technology.


Finally, products are clinically evaluated through partner dermatology clinics and beauty salons.